Village Shyorana N.H. 11, Bharatpur

Sports activities occupy a significant part of the college curriculum at GEC Bharatpur


With a view to develop the all round personality of the students, the College emphasizes equally on sports. It is the constant endeavor of the college to see that the students grow intellectually as well as physically. To facilitate this, the College provides all necessary facilities and equipment’s to the students for maintaining physical fitness and good health. All the games have sports equipment of International standard which is accessible to all students.

GEC Bharatpur promotes and nurtures the talents of its students. At GEC Bharatpur, we believe that team spirit is an essential aspect of personal and professional life. The college takes a different approach to inculcate the value of team work coupled with individual effort in its students. Sports and physical activities provide an excellent medium to train students to work together.

The Department of Sports at GEC Bharatpur plays an active role in assuring that students’ talents are recognized, and that each student is provided with ample opportunities to participate in sports and physical activities. The Department also plays a major role in training students to participate in sports competitions at inter-college, university, state and national levels.


Physical education is a primary aspect of extra-curricular activities conducted on GEC Bharatpur campus. The campus offers playing fields for sports activities including volleyball, football, badminton, cricket etc. In addition, indoor games facilities are provided for sports and games such as table tennis, carom and chess.

The college is currently expanding its sphere of physical activities by providing better facilities for students. We have the dedicated facilities within the campus for both the Indoor & Outdoor sports. Few of the Indoor/Outdoor sports are mentioned below.

  • Indoor Games
  • Table Tennis
  • Chess
  • Carom
  • Outdoor Games
  • Athletics (Race, Javelin-throw, Disc-throw, Shot-put).
  • Cricket
  • Badminton
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball etc.